Can Arthritis in Dogs be Successfully Treated?


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1.Which dogs are most prone to arthritis and why?

2.What is hip dysplasia and what are the three best ways of managing it?

3.What kind of surgery is avaliable to my dog, and how successful is it?

4.What are the different kinds of arthritis?

5.Why does injury often result in arthritis in old age?

6.Does acupuncture work for dog arthritis?

7.Where can I take my dog for hydrotherapy and what does it cost?

8.What does a dog hydrotherapy pool look like?

9.What does an artificial hip or elbow for a dog look like?

10.Do cats get arthritis? How can it be recognised and treated?

11.What are the side effects of Nsaid's?

12.What can I use that is safe and won't have side effects?

13.Is aspirin ok for dogs with arthritis?

14.I've heard of Glucosamine for dogs with arthritis, I'm a bit sceptical is it any good?

15.Do supplements really work in animals?

16.Why can't we use steroids?

17.Can dogs with arthritis wear magnetic collars? Where can I get one?

18.Can arthritic dogs have copper collars? Do they work in animals?

19.Why does it always seem like labradors and retrievers get the most arthritis?

20.How do I get my dog to stand up, he's so heavy?

21.Any tips for getting an arthritic dog into my car?

22.What is OCD?

23.My dog has put on weight since he got arthritis, he can't exercise so what can i do now?

24.How can I learn to do massage for my dog?

25.Could I go on a dog hydrotherapy course?

And the answer to the most important question of all:


If it was your dog with arthritis , what would YOU do?


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